Friday, April 15, 2005

[OrangeJuice]FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to [OrangeJuice]FAQ, where we anwser questions that you guys might ask, or have already asked. If you want me (Robert) to add something, IM me. Scroll down for info.

And we're off.

What is[OrangeJuice]?

The [OrangeJuice] is basically a blog of news/events/gossip what not. ;-)

Who is part of the [OrangeJuice] staff?

Reid Branston: Delivers you the news and more during the week.

Robert Aquino: Pop culture and more during the weekend, Video of the Week during the weekdays.

Ok, why "[OrangeJuice]"?

Shut up. I like the name, if you don't...I don't care?

What's the posting scheaduale?

During weekdays (Monday-Thursday), Reid Branston reports news, current events, and anything else that relates, and on the weekend (Friday-Sunday), Robert Aquino reports pop culture news which consists of entertainment and more.

I can watch the news for that...

That's not a question, but I'll anwser it. Anyway, we don't just 'report' news and pop culture, we report what concerns you/what you need to know. But we just don't report it, we report it how you want it.

How do I ask a question/give a comment about [OrangeJuice] and get it posted and anwsered on the site?

IM either Robert (tygerize145) or Reid (LaxAttack45) with questions/comments and if we like it, we'll post it on the website along with one of our news or pop culture reports, and anwser it.

How do I comment on a post?

At the end of each post, you will see this: "posted by [OrangeJuice] at 10:41 AM | (Any Number) comments"
The "(Any Number) Comments" part will have an actual number, but we put the "(Any Number)" just for an example.
The "(Any Number) Comments" will be a link, so click on it, and you will be able to post a comment about the post you just read.

w t f ?

If your stumped, IM one of us.

I want to write an article for [OrangeJuice], what do I do?

Right about now, we're fine with two people. But, in the future, we may need people to write guest articles, so IM us and ask.

I have interesting News/Pop Culture info! Can I give it to you?

Well...it's ok, we like to choose what we put into our site, since it's what we think is important. But hey, you can still tell us if it makes you feel better...

You didn't anwser my question!

Ok genius. IM Robert or Reid, and ask us the question, we'll anwser it, or, if alot of people ask the same question, we shall post it here.

I forgot the AIM adress.

Holy. Shit.


Reid: Laxattack45
Robert: Tygerize145

-Posted by Robert